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Massive Load with Umbraco & Azure

Come learn about how Microsoft Consulting Services helped create an Umbraco based content website that is able to deal with massive peak load: 40+ million page views per hour. This peak load arrives with only short notice or no notice at all. At other times the traffic is very low. The customer did not want to waste money on paying for peak capacity at all times.

We tweaked Umbraco 4.7 to make it run well on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s scalable cloud platform. Besides being very scalable, this website is highly available and able to withstand a complete datacenter outage and fail over automatically to a secondary datacenter within a couple of minutes. Content updates can become visible within a couple of seconds in both datacenters.

Erwyn will explain the architecture of the solution, how it was load tested and he will explain what modifications were made to Umbraco 4.7.1.

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Date: Thu 14 June
Time: 9:15 - 10:15
Room: Main Room

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